Monday, November 10, 2008

Get it while you can!

Wii is HOT! The Wii is still expected to be the game console in hottest demand this holiday season. Last year, stores were short on supply. We advise buying ahead of the final mad holiday dash to the cash register. Online sites have even emerged to help you find available players. "Wii Fit" will continue to be a big seller, but music games should enjoy some popularity as well. "Guitar Hero World Tour," that debuted in October, will vary in price with a drum kit and other peripherals. If you aolready own the console try just the games for the PS2 Games or Wii Games and you're out a mere $49.99. "Rock Band 2" ($59.99) came out in September and is getting strong marks. Check it out at The Rock Band Store. "Wii Music" ($50) has received more tentative reviews but may prove a worthwhile addition to the Wii collection of casual-gaming treats. Check out the deals at All Things Wii. For all your gaming needs click the banner below.

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